The road so far…

In July 2017, a closed alpha started giving 70 players the opportunity to test the game and all of its features. There was an update every Sunday with new features and improvements. Many of them were based on the player’s feedback. After five weeks, the closed alpha campaign ended successfully and I received a very positive feedback from the players.

In August, the first articles were published in online gaming blogs and magazines and the first videos were uploaded on YouTube. I used the feedback to improve the game further. Meanwhile, new features were added including new events, new planetary missions, new spaceships and more.

Start of the Early Access campaign

On 29th September 2017, the Early Access campaign started successfully on Steam! Since then, a new content update was published every Saturday bringing new features, improvements and bug fixes.

First months of Early Access campaign

The first three months of the Early Access campaign were very successful. Here is a list of someĀ features that were added in this time:

  • Six new spaceships
  • Eight new weapon systems
  • New rooms for spaceship customization: Drone bay, drone booster, prison
  • Item rarity (chance for uncommon, rare and epic items)
  • Many useable items like Fake IDs, loot boxes, life-enhancing pills, weapon boxes, …
  • Mission system to receive missions from space stations and encounters in outer space
  • Crew skill system
  • Underground dungeon sites filled with loots and enemies
  • New galaxy objects like
    • Shipyards with an option to upgrade ships
    • Jump gates to explore entire new galaxies
  • New planetary mission: Crash site
  • Support for Steam features like
    • Steam Cloud
    • Steam Achievements
  • Tactical pause
  • Support for 4k resolution
  • Poll system to vote for new features


In development

Here is a short list of things that are going to come to Galactic Crew within the Early Access phase.

  • Multiplayer
  • Support for modding and Steam Workshop
  • More planetary missions
  • More spaceships
  • More playable races
  • More dungeons

Do you miss something?!?

Many features and improvements were made based on the players’ feedback. Please let me know if you miss any feature in the game or if you found a bug!