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Benjamin Rommel Games
Based in Heidelberg, Germany

Release Date

September, 2017




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Galactic Crew is a roguelike sci-fi space exploration game. The player and his valorous crew members explore a galaxy far away. They will make great deals with merchants, meet scientist probing astronomical phenomena, upgrade and retrofit their ships at various space stations and encounter the galaxy's evil beings like space pirates and bounty hunters. Gather trade goods and resources from asteroid fields or mine them on planets. Explore planets and find ancient civilizations, pirate hideouts, alien mining facilities and more. Unlock more game features and mechanics to customize your next games by getting achievements.


In 2015, I started developing a game engine and a small game as a hobby besides my job working as a team leader for a software company. As time passed, the game engine got better and more beautiful and also the game got bigger and bigger. By the end of 2016, I quitted my job to found my own company - Benjamin Rommel Games. Now, a few months later, the game is almost ready for its release.


  • Explore a galaxy. When starting a new game, an entire galaxy is procedurally generated for you to explore. Asteroid fields can be mined, space stations offer a fair trade and solar systems offer a huge range of random events.
  • Space combat. Not everyone in the outer space is friendly. So, please be careful and make sure that your crew and ship are well-armed.
  • Spaceship customization. You can retrofit your spaceship at any space station. By changing the rooms, the layout and the equipment of the sapcehip, you can alter its abilities and properties to your needs.
  • Planetary exploration. As soon as you have your own teleporter, you have the option to teleport your crew on a planet. There are different missions and options for you to explore!
  • Game customization. You can unlock more content and game mechanics by getting in-game achievements. Each new option allows you to further customize your next game.
Pirate Hideout
Galactic Map
Space Combat
Space Station