Shield generator, trade and weapon selection

I am working on several game mechanics at the moment. The first task I completed this week was to implement a shield generator. So far, all shields had the same shield strength that offers a first line of defense in space combat. However, the player should be able to customize his ship as much as possible. The shield strength is now directly related to the number of shield generators you placed in your ship.

The next topic I worked on was the trade system. I wrote last week that I re-worked the entire quest system, because the old one wasn’t much time and very limited in its functions. I used this opportunity to re-program the trading system with merchants you can find anywhere in the outer space. Trading with merchant now works in the same way as it does with space station.

The last thing I worked on this week is the selection of weapon systems. You can find new spaceship weapons by looting other spaceships or by buying one at a space station. I added an easy-to-use menu to the spaceship overview. When you click on any of your weapons, a menu pops up in which you can see all weapons you have in your inventory, including their stats. By clicking on one of them, you can equip them. However, this works only next to space station. Work like this is too dangerous to do it somewhere in deep space!

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