UI and quest system

I wanted to complete the ship-to-ship combat at the end of last week. However, I felt the urge to do some work on the user interface and the quest system first. The reason is, that I test all new features very carefully and if I find something that doesn’t satisfy my expection, I solve this problem first, before finishing the feature.

So far, my quest system was made in the early days of this project which is about two years ago. The system based on several scientific papers about procedural quest generation. This system created a randomized event every time the user enters a star system and he has several options how he reacts to it. However, this system was limited in several ways. For example, it generated a single event and the user had a set of possible reactions. After he chose an option, something happened and that’s it. Also, the variety of quest was not that big.

So I discard this system completed and started something new. I used my UI engine (which is very powerful) to create a new small quest dialog showing events and offering the user several options to react. The big difference between the current system and the old one is, that all quests are hand-written which takes more time, but increases the quality of events dramatically. Second, the new system is able to process hierarchical quests. That means, when you select the same option for an event that occured multiple times during your play, the outcome may be very different!

I also did some research about the latest scientific knowledge about user interface design and color schemes. I used this information to improve the colors of the user interface. The user interface might look pretty simple, but I put a lot of effort in it. My aim is to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface that gives you all information you need at any time.

The screenshot below shows a very very simple event that can occur after you enter a star system. Don’t be afraid, I will hire a translator to check all English texts before the first release! 😀

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