Improved loading time

I am currently working on the combat system and the AI. While making good progress, I spent this Thursday with improvements of the loading process. When a game starts, a lot of stuff has to be done like loading levels information, importing models / textures / sounds / etc., setting up event handlers and many more. I analyzed all modules and checked for possible performance gains. I was able to improve three modules which are initialised during start-up. The biggest performance gain was achieved by improving the algorithms used for creating the navigation graph in the space ships. These graphs are used by all characters (NPCs and PCs) to navigate through the spaceships and any planetary environment. An example image of such a graph is shown at the end of this post. I was able to improve the perfomance of these graph algorithms by over 50%! I also could make some improvements when loading models sharing the same textures or when creating characters with similar or identical clothes. I used the largest spaceship with a crew of 8 men and women for testing and the entire game loads within 20 seconds, which is an improvements of around 33%!

I hope that I can show you images of the combat system at the end of the week!

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