More dungeons and useable items!

More dungeons

The last update introduced dungeons to Galactic Crew. This week, more dungeons are added with additional content. You can request a new security mission from any space station or you can ask space encounters for work to visit the new dungeons. I don’t want to spoil the content of the these dungeons, but I want to give you a hint: The generators in the new dungeons are destructible for a reason!

Recuiting new crew members

The initial number of crew members depends on your ship’s size. So far, you could get more crew members from certain space events. Now, you can also recruit them on planets. I won’t spoil where you can find them, but you will notice them. In addition you can recruit freed prisoners in underground pirate outposts.

New useable items

This week’s update adds three new useable items to the game. There is a certain chance to get one of these items after defeating an enemy in space.

Weapon crate

When using the Weapon Crate, you will receive a random epic spaceship weapon turret!

Potion of Regret

After using this potion, the skill points of all crew members are reset and you you can assign them again.

Life-enhancing Pills

Increase the maximum hit points of all your crew members by taking these pills.


The reward of space station missions has been adjusted.

Coming up next…

  • Mini map in dungeons
  • Zombie encounters in space
  • New dungeons
  • New skills for crew members

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