Improved sound & music, new spaceships and more!

Sound & Music
This patch focuses on sound and music. I added multiple new music tracks for combat and non-combat events to provide more variety. In addition, background music has been added to the main menu. The sound effects of laser weapon turrets were replaced by better sound effects. The volume of all music tracks and sound effects (over 200 in total) have been adjusted to improve the audio quality. I was also able to solve some audio-related bugs which are listed below.

New spaceships
Several new spaceships are currently in development. This week, I integrated the first two new spaceships. You can encounter them as merchants, scientists or pirates. They are currently not available as player ships, but they will be playable soon.

Renaming crew members
All crew members start with a random name. Now, you have an additional button in each crew member’s tool bar to rename him/her!

Other changes
When you are in the game creation menu, you can return to the main menu by pressing the Escape key.

Bug Fixes

  • On some computers, the sound of the laser weapon turrets only came from the left speakers. This has been fixed.
  • The “click” sound was missing when the player used the “promote” or “kill” option from a crew member’s tool bar.
  • The narrator does not report the victory and the destruction of an enemy ship’s component at the same time any more. These overlapping sounds could sound weird.
  • Two character voice overs were corrupted and contained too much text.
  • Multiple dialogs could overlap each other. The dialogs still worked, but it looked strange.
  • When maximizing the game into fullscreen mode during combat, the enemy ship’s status panel was not moved to its new location.
  • When maximizing the game into fullscreen mode the reward list’s screen location was not correctly updated.

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