New content and bug fixes

I just released patch to all test players including new features and several bug fixes.

I spent most of the working time with the game creation process. A new role/career was added: the merchant. The merchant can do whatever he wants. However, pirates will hunt him down, when he gets too wealthy! I also added the Pilot as fourth officer profession. The pilot has a skill to jump up to two sectors, which makes travelling long distances much faster and it makes it easier to flee from NEMESIS ships. Additionally, I added and implemented seven bonus cards. So far, there’ve been only placeholders. Now, you can further customize your game by selecting proper bonus cards. However, you need to unlock them first! I also changed the selection process of cards. Until now, you had to click on a small button to select a card category. Now, you can select an empty card at the top to select the proper category. I also added more features like moving the camera with the mouse and much more.

Besides the programming, I spent time on Steam’s partner pages to finalize my first build and all shop information. Now, I am awaiting their approvol!

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