Weekly update!

In the last days, I spent a lot of time testing the game and I also looked for flaws or things that need to be improved. While analyzing the core routines, I found a way to optimize the render process, which resulted in a lower processor usage. While idling, the game uses only half as much CPU time as before.

Some the features I improved was the selection of a crew member or an officer. While the selection itself worked perfectly fine, I disliked the way how the selection was displayed. Therefore, I replaced the last technique with a thin blue circle. The selected character is easy to spot and it looks way better than before.

Another graphical task I solved this week are space stations. The mechanics of space stations inlcuding trade, retrofitting, etc. works, there was no actual model showing a space station. Now, you will see a space station as soon as you enter a solar system that has one.

Besides the things listed above I also did many other small tasks, like adding tool-tips to the tool bar and to several menus. I improved the balancing and solved a set of bugs that I found during testing and more.

I am very happy with the game and I am confident that I can start the Alpha testing phase very soon.

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