Adding many small features

I want to start a closed Alpha phase in August and I am working hard on solving the last remaining problems and on adding new content, which is required for starting the Alpha test.

I did some tests with friends of mine and noticed some codec issues with older versions of Windows. Therefore, I had to write my own file converter to convert between DDS DXT5 textures and the texture format I am using in my game engine. Luckily, I was able to solve this task within a day.

I also added some minor features, which are important for the game experience, like a small main menu in the game so you can quit the game, go back to the main menu, open the settings, etc. While developing these features, I noticed a few minor issues that were solved immediately!

I also worked on the ships’ crew members. Now, it is possible to kill them, if you want and you can also promote them to one of the officer roles: Pilot, Medic, Engineer and Soldier. I also added a lot of game logic into the game. For example, it must not be able to retrofit a ship so that you don’t have enough living space for your crew and officers.

On Sunday, I will start the visual improvements on the laser effects!

Do you want to become an Alpha tester? Write me an email!

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