Development Video #1: Retrofitting & Space Combat

Hey guys & girls,

Starting today, I will create short videos on a weekly basis showing different game mechanis and feature or I present updated content. I spent quite some time thinking about the voice-over of the video. I know that my English pronounciation isn’t very good, but I think it works for the development videos. The tutorial videos and trailers will have a professional voice-over by voice actors.

Besides creating the video I spent my time on balancing and testing. I want to eliminate as much flaws as possible before anyone plays my game. There were some non-critical visual bugs when two NPCs fought with their firearms. There were also some minor problems with the UI that have been elimated.

I also spent some time in adding new features that support the game play, like an auto-zoom when pressing the keys F1 to F3 (F1 focuses the player’s ship, F2 sets the focus to the enemy ship and F3 resets the camera). Now, it is also possible to select a crew member by pressing one of the number keys on your keyboard. By pressing the same key again, the camera moves to focus this crew member in its center. I also added a small tool bar at the bottom left corner of the screen to access the different window tabs with a single button click.

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