Retrofitting your spaceship

Sometimes, a spaceship lacks the requirements you need. But you don’t need to worry about a wrong fitting anymore! Engineers have the power and the tools to retrofit your spaceship!

When you are in a star system with a space station, your engineer can use his knowledge to retrofit your spaceship. For example, he can replace small rooms like Crew Quarters with botanical gardens.

Grow your own food

Do you know this situation: You are flying around in the universe, jumping from one star system to the next one and suddenly you noticed that you forgot your deep-frozen food? Don’t worry anymore! Now, you can grow your own food!

I’ve added the Botanical Garden as a new room option for all spacecrafts. Each room gives enough food for three of your crew members or officers! The image below shows some of the available designs for the new room.


Space pirates are on their way!

There are many aggressors in the outer space – like space pirates. They want to capture your space ship, enslave your crew and sell them to dark underworld lords as cheap slaves. Make sure your ship is well-equipped and your crew is ready for action.

Dobrin just sent me some images how the space pirates will look like in the upcoming game! I can’t wait to include them in the game and to implement the NPC combat system!

Space Pirate

Space Pirate

Everyone needs some protection

While the space ship’s long range cannons and laser batteries will keep off most threats like smaller pirate vessels or asteroids floating around, there might be enemies who can successfully board your ship. Prepare yourself and gear up!

I just got some new images from Dobrin showing the current state of the combat vest. It’s a must-have for any space soldier!

Combat Vest

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